Self Love, Female Solidarity and the Way to a Better World


I created Rue du Paradis around three pillars: self-love, sustainability and solidarity.


Self-love is represented through our custom-made lingerie. There is no need to shop and try to fit into standardized sizes.  Rather, we should let our bodies guide the lingerie that we wear.  We are all different and often guilted into looking like what is considered the “norm".  I dream of a world where all women embrace and love themselves for who they truly are.


My second pillar: sustainability. While sustainability can have many different definitions, it certainly means reducing waste and sourcing materials as best as we can, while ensuring that those working behind the scenes are also treated equally and protecting our planet.  We apply these standards to our products and to our recyclable packaging.  The concept of custom-made lingerie in and by itself  reduces waste since we only produce upon an actual order.  But even in the world of custom production, some small fabric pieces are still left over.  Committing to our pillar of sustainability, we use these pieces to make a lingerie bag in which we ship your lingerie.  You can reuse this bag for storing small items or to carry your essentials in your handbag or when travelling.


Lastly: solidarity.  Through donations and by fairly compensating all individuals working with and for us,  Rue du Paradis aims at enabling as many individuals as possible to provide for their children's education.  Because we believe that education, while being the foundation of a peaceful world, remains a luxury not all of us can afford. Let’s make a difference for all of us, together.


With love,