What is Leavers Lace?

Leavers Lace is lace made with a Leavers loom. A Leavers loom is a loom (sort of weaving machine) weighting 12 tons and measuring 6 meters (6.56 yards).

The Leavers loom comes from England. It was imported to France (Calais and Caudry, due to their proximity to England) and adapted to the production of France by Mr. Jacquard, a Frenchman from Lyon. This adaptation allowed for the production of the delicate lace fabric. 

A Leavers loom uses between 12,000 to 15,000 threads at once to weave Leavers lace. Each stitch is finalized by a knot, which makes up for both the delicacy and the extreme resistance of Leavers lace.

A Leavers loom produces 2 meters (2.18 yards) of Leavers lace per hour.  This slow process explains the high quality and cost of the lace.